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Frequently Asked Questions

At WriteAlong we want the story development to be driven by the crowd, therefore, everything regarding the content of the stories is collectively decided by the crowd. Every idea is welcome, so anything can happen! Everyone is able to submit ideas and rate the ideas of others on the ideation page and the top 3 ideas will be go to the next phase. We aim to have one project running in every phase and round. So the selection of the top 3 happens when there is a spot free in the storyline development phase and when sufficient ideas have been submitted with a significant amount of ratings. The same goes for the subsequent phases and rounds.

When all the scenes have been written and the best pieces have been selected everything is combined and assembled into one story. This is done by the team of winning writers, they have to make sure everything fits together and they do the final editing. Everyone is able to help them by giving feedback through commenting. The eventual result, a fully finished story, will be made available on the website for everyone to download. It will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

In the future, when we've improved the website and the stories are getting better and better, we may decide to start using different licenses enabling us to publish the stories. In that case we will also develop a process and system for dividing the royalties over those writers who have made the biggest and most important contributions to the story. We will aim for process which is as fair as possible to everyone!

Everyone is able to participate in writing ideas, developing the storylines and writing scenes for the eventual stories.

A team is formed to divide the storyline into chapters and scenes and set up the contests for each scene. Those who have submitted the ideas and storylines with the highest ratings and which are used for the development of the story will form a team. Everyone is able to see how they are progressing and are able to help by providing feedback through commenting. When a team needs more help, they are able to invite others to join the team and help them set up the contests. WriteAlong will also help them and make sure everything goes smooth.

All the winners from the ideation phase and storyline development phase team up. So, 3 from ideation, 2 from storyline development round 1 and the final winner in round 2. That makes a team of 6 people. If it turns out that more people are needed, they are able to invite other people to join the team. WriteAlong will also help them and make sure everything goes smooth.

You are welcome to rate all the ideas and to submit as many ideas and written pieces as you want! 

A project starts with ideas, these ideas are limited to only 20 words. By limiting it to only 20 words, you'll be forced to keep it abstract and concise. This is an important aspect the whole WriteAlong process, because we want to collectively develop vague ideas into more elaborate and complex stories step by step. Every step and decision has to be guided by the collective creativity and opinion of the crowd.

The storyline will start of with a first round, enabling you to submit ideas for a storyline limited to 70 words. In the second round you're limited to 200 words and are able to specify the relevant story elements with 20 words each.

The scenes will differ in size. This is determined by the team.

The stories we currently aim for are short and rather simple stories. In the future, when the process appears to be working we want to expand the process with added steps to enable the development of longer and more complex stories. For example, the storyline development phase will have an added 3rd round with a limitation of 600 words for each submission. Furthermore, in order to create a strong foundation for the eventual story, an additional phase should enable us to further develop each story element just like the story line is developed now.