WriteAlong | Let's write short stories together!

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English or Dutch?

Both is fine
63% (17 votes)
I prefer English
33% (9 votes)
Liever in het Nederlands
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 27

Let's write short stories together!

WriteAlong is an online platform where everyone collaborates on writing stories together. Everybody is able to influence how a story is developed. You can rate the input from other writers and also submit your own ideas.

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You'll receive feedback on the ideas you submit and the pieces you write, enabling you to improve your creative writing skills.

In the near future, it will even be possible to win prizes with your creative talent. When your idea or written piece receives the highest rating you'll win a prize and your piece will be used for further development of the story. This way you'll receive a recognized share in the story as the ideas and pieces are rated based on a point system. It'll provide you a way to build your reputation as a writer.

Additionally, we challenge you to use the platform to raise awareness for those social issues you deem to be most important.

The first two phases of developing a story are online (Idea phase and Projects).

More pages for further development of the stories will follow!

Best performing writers

Name Points
Professor 100
Kagi 75
TheShadowWriter 35
PoeticPaul 25
Finn 15

Which genres do you like?

You can select two and even add one if you miss one.

Sciencefiction, future
39% (9 votes)
Comedy, humor
35% (8 votes)
Romance, love
17% (4 votes)
17% (4 votes)
Adventure, action
17% (4 votes)
Thriller, exciting
13% (3 votes)
Mystery, secretive
9% (2 votes)
Fantasy, mythical
9% (2 votes)
Young adult fiction
4% (1 vote)
Horror, creepy
4% (1 vote)
Tragedy, drama
4% (1 vote)
Total votes: 23