How WriteAlong works

At WriteAlong every story starts with a small idea.
In steps, a story foundation is created before the story is actually written.
Everyone can help build this foundation by submitting a divider post which should divide the idea into multiple parts and describe each part.
This step can be repeated multiple times for each part of a divider.
Once you think a part is fully conceptualised. You can write a final piece for the part. No further steps can be taken to expand upon a final piece.
You can also request aiBot to do these steps for you.
At every step, everyone can like/vote for the posts they think are the best.
Eventually, the final pieces which were built upon the ideas and dividers with the highest score will be included in the final story.

How a story can grow from an idea

example of a story branch
This is an example, other structures are also possible.


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My goal with this website is to facilitate an online community of creative writers who work together to create fictional stories.

Through collaboration and by sharing ideas we create a synergy which could lead to great results and help people to connect, get inspired, learn and have fun together.

Initially, I started this website as a small experiment for my master thesis and to learn how to code. Nowadays, I have a job as a web developer and in my spare time I work on further developing and building the WriteAlong website and community. Hope to see you around on WriteAlong!
Harro Engelen
Founder of
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Community rules

  • Everyone is welcome as long as they adhere to the recognized standards of decent or proper behaviour.
  • No racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind. You can write about these topics, but make sure not to offend anyone.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • For now, WriteAlong is only for English writings, in the future we may support more languages.
  • Do not spam the website with irrelevant content.
  • When building upon an idea, be constructive and make sure to add something new to the story which makes sense.
  • All content posted on this website is licensed under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License’. This means that only when appropriate credit is given to the creator, everyone is free to share and adapt the ideas and written pieces.
  • No commercial activity allowed without the approval of WriteAlong.
  • Do not plagiarise. Never copy-paste the work of others. Use the WriteAlong features to build upon the ideas of others. These features will make sure that appropriate credit is given to the original creator.
  • When sharing a post outside WriteAlong, make sure to refer to and the username of the creator.
  • WriteAlong is not a place for stories that contain adult themes and content, such as violence, excessive profanity, or of a sexual suggestive nature.
  • Not adhering to these rules may lead to getting banned from this website.
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All posted content is licensed under aCreative Commons License 4.0
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