About WriteAlong

This website is part of a master’s thesis study conducted by Harro Engelen, student at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The goal of the experiment is to gain insights and to explore the potential of collaborative creative writing via an online game. All the ideas posted on this website are licensed under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License’. This means that only when appropriate credit is given to the creator, everyone is free to share and adapt the ideas. If you have any further questions concerning this study, please feel free to contact me via email: harro.writealong@gmail.com.

For now, the following approach for writing the rest of the stories is developed. It is inspired on an existing Italian method Scrittura Industriale Collettiva. This method has already resulted into a finished book with 115 co-authors, a world record!. There is a lot more detail to it, but here is a general overview of the process:

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Phase 1: Ideation

The genre and themes of the story are determined. Everyone can post their ideas but are limited to about 20 words max. Everyone is also able to compare the ideas. The best rated ideas are selected and go to phase 2 as inspirational material.

Phase 2: Story development

Stories are developed in two rounds. Again, everyone can compare the stories and post their own. The best stories go to the second round to further build upon. This eventually forms the foundation for a story along with relevant story elements.

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Phase 3: Chapter building

The winning writers team up and divide the story into chapters and scenes. For each scene a writing contest is set up. Everyone can participate and compare written pieces for each scene.

Phase 4: Assembly

The team assembles all the best written scenes together into one coherent story. Everyone is able to give feedback and help them.